Do you pay based on miles or percentage?

We pay contractors on a percentage basis. 75%-80% of Gross Revenue.

When do I get paid?

Payment is received every Thursday via direct deposit.

What is advantage of driving for CARGOX INC.?

Since we pay by percentage versus mileage you don’t need to make long hauls to earn revenue. We are also small enough to treat you as a person versus just another driver and yet large enough to have dedicated customers and freight.

What is the average length of hauls?

CARGOX INC. average length of haul is approximately 350-500 miles.

How new does my tractor have to be?

All tractors accepted as long as they pass DOT Inspection at any major truck stop.

What are your equipment requirements?

Your truck must be capable of scaling 45500 lbs.

Where is your terminal located?

Hobart, IN (Chicago Area)

What does 100% owner operator mean?

There are no company trucks to compete with as everyone gets the same loads.

Do I have to deliver to New York City or Canada?

There are no NYC or Canadian freight deliveries.

How do I submit my paperwork?

CARGOX INC. utilizes the Trip Pak System.

Must I possess a Hazmat endorsement to drive for CARGOX INC.?

No. A Hazmat endorsement is not necessary to drive for CARGOX INC.

How long do I have to stay out on the road?

There are no minimum requirements.